I will send you very strong effective theta healing

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Theta healing will be sent to you remotely for any need (mental, physical, spiritual).

Theta Healing is Extraordinary and very powerfull Energy Healing method that can change your life INSTANTLY and PERMANENTLY.

The Healing Therapist must be certified in order to do the Healing properly!

When I do the Healing I go to a Deep Meditation and enter your body (individualy always!) using deep insights and universe energy to heal your body of all DISEASES (mental and physical), all the past wounds and even past life trauma and memories that don’t serve you and prevent you to live your life fully and happily.

I also do the changes in your BELIEF SYSTEM in order to clean all your limiting belifes that are holding you back.

I always get back to you with the results of our Sessions.

With my Healing methods I go deeply to your DNA and Cells so the changes I do are Permanent and Life Changing!

BENEFITS: Emotional Balance, Better Health, Higher Self Esteem, Raising Abundance, Better Relationships, Fearless life, Higher Vitality, Improves your Love Life, Improves your Finances,…


Theta healing – I will send you very strong effective theta healing


Theta Healing Technique Meditation helps you to remember your connection with the All-That-Is energy (Source of All, Creator-of-All, God), the Unconditional Love that just IS a part of you.

You are always connected to it, but often forget or have many beliefs to create an illusion of separation. In visualizing or experiencing the meditation, know that the frequency is of change, healing, and transformation, a way to create your own reality.

It takes you into a theta brainwave state very quickly as you ‘flow’ through the different realms of creation into that perfect Love. Then notice your experience. Enjoy!

Healing method works by addressing the causes of blockages that may arise in the way you function – blockages caused by factors such as emotional repression, belief systems, fears, and traumas. It’s believed that when these blockages occur, the flow of spiritual energy in the body is restricted.

Theta healing enables you to identify these restrictions and to connect to a higher source in order to help you release negative beliefs.

Theta Healing Requirements for the Predictions.

Birth Details Like 

1. Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Time of Birth
4. Place of Birth. (City, State or Province and Country of birth)
5. Gender.
6. Photo (Optional)
Theta healing will be sent to you remotely for any need. A total of 4 hours of therapy.About the healer: The healer is from Japan settled in the United States of America. most successful healer and practicing over 10 years.

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7 reviews for I will send you very strong effective theta healing

  1. pranatha

    I will recommend this to all who are looking to find more relaxation, ease and relief.

  2. kol212

    It is very professional. I was able to reduce my anxiety and fears.

  3. me@123

    I feel more strength and positive energy

  4. propann

    this is really energy healing and very encouraging.

  5. mantri100

    This is significant . very helpful and they are professional.

  6. manav_01

    Very encouraging , Significant and very helpful.

  7. saisairani

    this really helped me to feel confident and energetic too. I recommend this.

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