Horary astrology and Vedic astrology for Accurate Prediction

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Horary Astrology and Vedic astrology to analyze your horoscope accurately

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Horary astrology is an ancient branch of astrology that predicts the future by using the time of a question, rather than the birth of a person. A traditional horary reading can provide a very precise, focused and accurate answer to a wide variety of questions by judging the astrological chart of the question. Natal charts or birth information are not used in horary astrology.


Horary Astrology and Vedic astrology to analyze your horoscope accurately

Horary astrology is one of the most fascinating and unexplainable forms of astrology in which a chart is cast for the time that a person (referred to as the querent) asks a specific question, which the astrologer then answers by reading the chart. 

In no other branch is the divine nature of astrology emphasized so much as it is in horary.

This is language that is missing in many modern books on the subject which seek to mechanize or systematize astrology in general.

Medieval authors put a great emphasis on the soul and its process of contacting the divine through meaningful and personal questions.

This sincerity would illicit a response from the divine in the form of an astrological chart that was not only descriptive of the situation, but would also allow the astrologer to discover the likely outcome of the question as well as provide guidance to the individual who asked it.

Horary charts are cast for the moment an astrologer understands or otherwise accepts a question.

This lack of a concrete manifestation (such as the initiation of an event or the birth of a child) would cause horary to be looked down upon as superstitious in the Renaissance era.

This attitude continues to the present day where it is often dismissed as “fortune telling”

Horary astrology was a popular technique through the Medieval period and has experienced a revival in the past 30 years, thanks to the work of astrologers like Olivia Barclay, John Frawley, Deb Houlding, Lee Lehman and more. The Order will be featuring Detailed Answer Of your Queries.

You can ask 3 questions and expert in Horary Astrologer will analyze reply the answers of your 3 questions plus Remedies,

Horary astrology Requirements for the Predictions. Birth Details Like 

1. Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Time of Birth
4. Place of Birth. (City, State or Province and Country of birth)
5. Gender.
6. Any Two Question.

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Vedic Astrology

Predict your future using vedic astrology, Comprehensive reading of your astrology chart

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    value for money

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    accurate prediction and professional way of dealing

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    enjoyed reading

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    reasonably priced comparing others . We would use it again and recommend too for others.

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    good service in affordable cost..

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    This is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I literally felt happy reading and accurate things told about my life.

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    Thank you so much for this good work. Honestly its a genuine work and am extremely happy

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    there are so many online predictions , astro sites . It is difficult to trust one. I can say this was accurate . about past life was accurate and hope about the future too . It is helpful for me.

  19. pamela p

    I tried for the first time with my friend’s suggestion. I really enjoyed reading my horoscope information which was given in detail. Most of the past things predicted was right in my life. This was a great site and I recommend it for others.

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    Worth it!! It’s simple and easy presentation.

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    beautifully explained. I searched many sites and ended up with this. Worth it!!

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    Well explained. I need more information

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